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It’s all about balance

Pimps&Pearls accessoires are hand made for you with joy and passion and designed in our own atelier in the South of Holland.

Mind&Style combines beautiful handmade jewelry with the four elements of life,

Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

We have found a perfect balance between the beauty of pure materials, like tough gemstones with exclusive Swarovski Elements or rough leather with the finest stainless steel accessoires.

Balance in life is being in your own element…

Be Beautiful, Be You.

With love, Monique

You are full of fire, because you want to do everything with passion. 100% is your goal.

Adventures – Enthusiastic – Brave

Ram Leeuw Boogschutter

Authentic is the word for you, visible and natural is perfect for you.

Faith – Modest – Tranquil

Stier Maagd Steenbok

You wait and see, you have a good feeling what you can mean for other people.

Sensitive – Spiritual – Warm

Vissen schorpioen schorpioen

You are active and have a clear view on the world. You love charity.

Think – Communicate – Flexible